Smart Manufacturing Hub (SMH) Deluxe

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The Smart Manufacturing Hub is a factory with larger space, and giving customers the alternative to re-layout as they need (for workshop, warehouse, office, lounge, etc.). This type has fresh looks with a higher specification in finishing material, thus it will look more luxurious. With a wide-opening, high ceiling, and using solar panels, which enables it to be more eco-friendly and less power consumption. It is also supported by high technology and can be known as Smart Eco-Factory.

Product Details

Factory Building

Reinforced concrete 15 cm Floor Thickness, Epoxy


Ceramic Tile

Parking Area


Building Structure

Concrete and Steel Frame


Lightweight Concrete, Plastered & Painted


Corrugated Metal Sheet

Factory Main Door

Automatic Rolling Door

Factory Ventilation

Doors / Windows

Glass with Alumunium Frame (Frontage), PVC Door (Toilets)


Sitting Closet (1st and 2nd)

Land Size

544 – 698 m2

Production Area

184 m2

Office Area

125 m2

Clean Water Supply

10 m3 / day

Power Supply

16500 VA

Floor Plan & Site Plan