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Our Facilities

Housing & Apartment

Housing and apartments that are prepared as residential facilities for residents of the city of Jababeka, both workers in the Jababeka industrial area. Housing prepared from the upper middle class.

Jababeka Golf & Country Club

Golf & Country Club

Jababeka has Jababeka Golf & Country Club which can be used as a destination to relieve fatigue after work. This 67-hectare golf course has 18 holes and par 72. This golf course, which was built in 1996, has often hosted national and international golf tournaments. Our Country Club in the evening , a place to network, communicate and collaborate. See gallery.


Shopping Center

The presence of Lifestyle facilities in Kota Jababeka can complement the community’s need for a variety of lifestyle support products for the whole family, with professional staff and services.


Education Center

Jababeka has educational facilities, St Leo Jababeka, President Jababeka High School, President University, BPK Penabur, Al Azhar Jababeka improves the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning activities to create good human resources.

President Senior High
Al Azhar
BPK Penabur


Jababeka also provides multinational class accommodation that can be used as a space for meetings and for colleagues who come from outside Jababeka.

Antero Hotel
Java Palace


Jababeka provides health services, located right in the middle of residential areas and the Jababeka Industrial Estate. To provide the best health services, Harapan Keluarga Hospital was initially equipped with health facilities and equipment such as emergency rooms, pharmacy, laboratories, basic radiology (x-rays & dental units) and an ambulance that serves 24 hours. Coupled with specialist polyclinic services, general polyclinics and dental polyclinics with a capacity of 86 beds in the inpatient room.

RS Permata Jababeka 1
RS Harapan Keluarga 1