Modern & Hi-Tech Infrastructures

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Our Infrastructure

High Capacity Electricity

Supplied by 2 private power plants, Bekasi Power (own by Jababeka group) and Cikarang Listrindo, and state-owned electricity with total capacity 1000Mw.

Natural Gas

Natural gas or swamp gas is a gaseous fossil fuel consisting mainly of methane (CH). It can be found in oil fields, natural gas fields and also coal mines.

Cikarang Dry Port

A one stop service for cargo handling and a logistic solution. It is the extension gate of Tanjung Priok International Port. Bringing port to the industrial manufacturing region, that serves both as a Port of Origin and as Port of Destination.

Water Treatment Plant

WTP I : Daily capacity is 40.600 m3/day. WTP II : Daily capacity is 23.300 m3/day. Total 63.900 m3/day. Expandable up to 72.600 m3/day

WasteWater Treatment Plant

WWTP I : Daily capacity is 24.365 m3/day. WWTP II : Daily capacity is 10.800 m3/day. Total 35.165 m3/day. Expandable up to 42.000 m3/day

Fablab (Fabrication Laboratorium)

Fabrication Laboratory (Fablab) Jababeka is a place that is intended as a center for competency development and prototypes of various products related to the implementation of Industry 4.0. Indonesia.

Fire Station & Fire Station

2 fire brigades and crew on site with water and foam. 24 hours service-fire brigades. The water hydrants are provided every 250 m along the road. Working pressure 1.0 – 3.0 bar.


One-stop integrated service for companies that require services in licensing, preparing reports required by the government, certification, to Environmental Laboratory Analysis.

Telecommunication Network

Telephone/Telex/Facsimile lines area available. Registered with Jakarta Area Code (021). Currently 25.000 lines are available Information Technology is supported by fiber optic network.


A social media application that can be used by tenants in Jababeka to participate in improving services and the creation of Jababeka into a Smart City.