Various Facilities, Jababeka Cikarang Remains an Ideal Area for Investing

Jababeka Industrial Estate is the first private industrial area to be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1994. Located in Cikarang, this area remains an ideal place to invest.

Developed since 1989, the area is managed by PT. Jababeka Tbk. This has succeeded in attracting the attention of well-known tenants such as Unilever, United Tractor, L’Oreal, Mattel, Lotte, Komatsu, Samsung, Nissin, Kraft, Astra Otopart, Kao, Kawan Lama and others.

Until now, Kota Jababeka Cikarang has provided various facilities and infrastructure facilities. Starting from the Bekasi Power Power Plant with a capacity of 1300 MW, President University, Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Cikarang Dry Port, Joint Venture with PT Plaza Indonesia Realty in developing a 16 Ha Mix Used area, and Joint Venture with Creed Group and Keihan Corporation from Japan in developing a residential premium in the Golf City Jababeka area.

Setyono Djuandi Darmono who is the Founder and Chairman of the Jababeka Group does have a dream of establishing a modern industrial area in the Cikarang area to encourage industrial and economic growth throughout Indonesia.

“This dream is now happening where Jababeka is the first private industrial area in Indonesia to obtain a permit to manage the industrial area with all its infrastructure,” said SD. Darmono.

According to him, an appropriate analogy for industrial estate managers is like the construction of a shopping mall where the leader is clearly responsible to investors ensuring comfort, security, legal certainty and providing all available facilities.

“It is the same in this industrial area where security, legal certainty is guaranteed and all infrastructure is built. It is proven that one million people have successfully built jobs and if the GDP of all the factories here is calculated, it is more than $ 35 billion per year, or GDP per capita of $ 35,000. , “He added.

As support, Jababeka also established Kota Jababeka as the pioneer of the largest independent city in Indonesia which was initiated based on the innovative idea of ​​Setyono Djuandi Darmono who is the Founder and Chairman of the Jababeka Group.
SD. Darmono has a bright idea to create a hundred modern independent cities in Indonesia that can provide jobs and a better life, one of which is Kota Jababeka.

Currently, Kota Jababeka, which has been known as the pioneer of the largest and most comprehensive independent city in Indonesia, has developed rapidly and is equal to modern cities in the world. “Kota Jababeka was built in a balanced manner to grow employment through modern industrial estates in 1989 which were equipped with facilities. middle and luxury housing, education, health, shopping centers, entertainment, complete tourism which makes Jababeka a new city on par with modern cities in developed countries, “said Setyono Djuandi Darmono.

“Armed with long experience, good credibility, Jababeka will continue to initiate a hundred modern independent cities throughout Indonesia that can provide jobs and a better life for all Indonesians,” said SD. Darmono

In its development, Kota Jababeka is supported by easy accessibility and connectivity with major cities in Indonesia with the support of complete infrastructure development. Kota Jababeka has an independent city concept that is ideal for business, commercial and residential use.

This makes the prospects for the Jababeka area even higher along with the increasingly complete facilities provided by Kota Jababeka.

In the future, Jababeka will further equip itself with a variety of other superior facilities and products so that it can strengthen its identity as the most comprehensive independent city as well as a high potential investment and residential destination in the East Jakarta Corridor. Jababeka’s captive market, which continues to grow every year, also provides promising opportunities for investors.